Salam4u in the Press

Noord-Hollands Dagblad, 17 december 2013


From hell to a strange country

English summary

Shawkat Hanna is chairman from the Salam4u-foundation. He is also the one who provides the relief work that is being offered by the foundation. December last year he was interviewed bij a local, daily newspaper.

In the interview he starts to speak about the cruel tragedy that is going in Syria nowadays. A lot of Christians are killed or have to fled to other countries. Also in Egypt Christians are in a bad situation and have to flee out of the country.

This is the reason a lot of Arab Christians enter our country as a refugee. Coming from hell they have to survive in a strange country. Shawkat is helping them to survive with all those complicated laws. Beside of that he helps them to handle complicated situations caused by struggled because of the western culture which is really different from the Arab culture.

To enable this work Salam4u has been founded in 2011. Shawkat is now helped by the board members. Last year his help was needed for a 800 times. He negotiates with municipality and tax and helps to fill in forms or even to find a good lawyer.

His phone number is: 0640364288